Work Order Module

Operations and Maintenance
Best Practices

It is designed with Operations and Maintenance Best Practices with focus on Standard
Operating Procedures (broken into tasks), Costs (Estimates and Actual),
Labour assignment, Materials and Parts

ISO 9002 document control

It fulfils the ISO 9002 document control requirements.

Tracking and Trending

Critical values of Assets can be tracked and trend over time.

Failure and Downtime Analysis

It can perform failure and Downtime Analysis as well as


Videos, Pictures, Drawings, Documents and Manuals can be attached.





Features of the
Work Order Module

  • Ability to view Work Order details on One Screen
  • Ability to manage Labor Assignments
  • Ability to view Calendars to see Staff and Contractor Availability* and click to assign
  • Ability to track Material, Labor, and Other Costs
  • Ability to update Work Order Status and Sub-Status
  • Ability to check on Warranty, Lock Out, Shutdown, and Follow Up Indicators
  • Ability to access Asset Information

Gantt View of Work Orders

Calendar View

Calendar viewing options are available for managers and supervisors.
This feature is dependent on access rights