Reports and Alerts

Maintenance Connection Reporter

Reporter is simple to use, yet highly configurable, flexible and powerful. It allows users to easily create their own reports without needing programming expertise. With data, charts and graphs it gives valuable insight to your operation. An added bonus to Users is the 150 canned and configurable reports.

Reporter combined with Rules Engine, is a powerful Alert Mechanism for license renewals and contract expiry.

The Maintenance Connection Reporting module :-

When comparing CMMS solutions, Maintenance Connection is the best choice to not only manage maintenance, but to report and present powerful data to decision makers.

Other advanced reporting options such as pivot reports, sub-reports, SMART reports, KPI trending and more can easily be added to reports to give users an added level of depth to their analytics.

Sample of Sub Report
Sample of Pivot Report


Alerts can be configured to trigger Email and SMS or on bulletin board for notification and Action for to Customers, Vendors technicians on Important Events