Preventive Maintenance Module

PM Automation

Maintenance Connection’s PM Module allows you to automate time and/or meter based schedules to ensure maximum Asset health and uptime.

PM Schedule based on

  • Time (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Meter (Usage)
  • Time and Meter
  • Predictive Maintenance using Condition Monitoring

Configurable Lead Time (to PM due date) for:

  • PM Alerts
  • Auto-Generation of PM Work Orders

PM Projection

To facilitate planning (material and labor) you can generate projections well into the future. This can be done at any time and does not reset any Preventive Maintenance schedules.

52 Week PM Projection

A unique feature is the 52 week PM projection of all PMs which facilitates planning and avoids overcrowding and clashes with other schedules. Staff, Vendors and Customers can receive system-generated email notifications that a new PM is due thus improving communication.

PM Projection Report –52 Week


PM work orders includes maintenance procedures (Standard Operating Procedures), work instructions (tasks), materials and parts and attachments (videos, pictures, drawings, documentation).

Maintenance Connection users experience, on average, asset uptime increase by 10%, asset reliability increase by 5%, and repair time decrease by up to 30%!

Maintenance Load Balancer:

This powerful new tool allows you to evaluate work order schedules over the next twelve months and reschedule PMs to better balance workload. The tool provides a graphical display of upcoming work orders, powerful search features to select records to adjust, and mechanisms to modify the next scheduled dates.

Calendar View of PM: