Mobile Application

Mobile Applications – 2 Models

Productivity gains of 5% to 30% when deploying handheld mobile devices for maintainers to download their work orders, input parts and labor, view equipment history and diagnostic data, refer to a graphic parts book or map, scan a barcode label and other useful functions.
David Berger, P.Eng.

MC Express(Online) for always connected mode

MC Everywhere(Offline) when no connection is available

Both MC Express and MC Everywhere are browser neutral and accessible on all modern web browsers and all devices like PCs, Mac, Tablets and Smart Phones. Technicians can have quick access to Work Orders, they can create, receive and complete work orders on the go.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

  • Saves travel time
  • Saves manual tracking
  • Results in faster reaction to problems, hence less downtime
  • Data captured is sync in the main CMMS for records, tracking and trending

Eliminates printouts and the manual process… whilst saving the trees and paper costs